Our Services

Stevens Forestry, Inc. is a full service forestry consulting firm with offices located in Arkansas and Louisiana. We have over 90 years’ experience in forestry with a professional staff of registered foresters, administrative personnel, a licensed real estate broker and registered appraisers.

Stevens Forestry, Inc. provides services including forest and real estate management, timberland appraisal, marketing and a vast array of other forestry services.

Complete Forest Management

Our primary goal as consulting foresters is to meet the objectives of each individual landowner. Landowner objectives vary significantly and range from maximizing long term financial return to simply providing the best wildlife habitat for select species. Management can range from intensively managed even-aged pine plantations, uneven-aged pine, mixed pine hardwood, bottomland hardwood, etc.

Your timber will be professionally marketed via lump sum sealed bids or pay-as-cut depending on the particular tract and desires of the landowner. We identify all potential markets for pine and hardwood and send timber sale prospectuses to forest product mills and wood producers. Our foresters inspect all harvesting operations in order to ensure compliance of the harvesting contract and best management practices.

All silviculture applications (site preparation/release herbicide applications, mechanical site preparation, tree planting, prescribed fire, etc) will be completed by reputable contractors and our firm will oversee these applications.

Timberland Appraisal

Stevens Forestry Service specializes in timberland appraisals that comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) guidelines. Appraisals of your property determine “Market Value” and can help you make the essential decisions concerning your valuable asset. Appraisals are often completed for the following purposes:

  • Establishment of Basis and Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Divisions of Property
  • Buying or Selling
  • Securing Mortgages

Real Estate

Our Principal Broker can assist you with selling or acquiring property. We specialize in marketing large or small tracts of timberland and/or recreational property. Timberland is an excellent long term investment that allows individuals to diversify their financial portfolios. In addition, the demand for recreation properties is continuing to increase significantly. Our team is ready to assist you in whatever capacity may be necessary in order to meet your objectives.

Aerial Inspections

Our firm owns two fixed-wing aircraft that in our opinion are a tremendous asset to our clients, giving us the ability to make aerial inspections of the property. This is particularly a valuable resource during emergency situations (wildfire, storms, insect infestations, etc).